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AFL hires new supervisor of officials, Changes rules
AFL Press Release

As the Arena Football League prepares for it’s 24th season in March, Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz announced the hiring of long-time official Carl Paganelli as the new Supervisor of Officials.

AFL's Latest Football Innovation is a Head's Up for the Sport
San Jose Mercury News

The Arena Football League is 21 years old, but is still a work in progress. Each season it seems to seek ways to improve the safety of the game, tweak a rule or implement new technology.

No Apparent Benefit in 'Jack' LB Rule Change
San Jose Mercury News

When the Arena Football League's competition committee decided this past off-season to let the "Jack linebacker" out of the box, there was some guffawing by the fans and media.

All "Jack"ed Up?!?
Andy Lopusnak,

For the 2008 season, the league’s Board of Directors approved a rule change that allows the “jack” linebacker (JLB) to roam freely from sideline-to-sideline within five yards of the line of scrimmage once a play begins. Previously, the JLB was tethered to an imaginary “box” that at times was very confusing.