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2014 Arena Football League Schedule
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Week 1
Friday, March 14
  New Orleans VooDoo57 Tampa Bay Storm6210370
Saturday, March 15
  Cleveland Gladiators63 Pittsburgh Power537742
  Los Angeles KISS41 San Antonio Talons388269
  Philadelphia Soul55 Arizona Rattlers62 (OT)9493
  Iowa Barnstormers35 Spokane Shock6410224
Sunday, March 16
  Jacksonville Sharks47 Orlando Predators494893
Monday, March 17
  San Jose SaberCats64 Portland Thunder348509
Week 2
Friday, March 21
  Los Angeles KISS63 Orlando Predators69 (OT)5312
  Tampa Bay Storm48 San Antonio Talons455981
Sunday, March 23
  Spokane Shock49 Arizona Rattlers687128
  Philadelphia Soul33 San Jose SaberCats7010721
Monday, March 24
  Iowa Barnstormers40 Portland Thunder366521
ByeNew Orleans   Cleveland   Jacksonville   Pittsburgh   
Week 3
Saturday, March 29
  San Jose SaberCats47 Pittsburgh Power484309
  Orlando Predators56 Tampa Bay Storm5210896
  San Antonio Talons22 Jacksonville Sharks6310144
  Cleveland Gladiators37 New Orleans VooDoo265695
ByeArizona   Philadelphia   Iowa   Spokane   Los Angeles   Portland   
Week 4
Thursday, April 3
  Orlando Predators55 New Orleans VooDoo624740
Friday, April 4
  Philadelphia Soul49 Tampa Bay Storm6311102
  Iowa Barnstormers47 Cleveland Gladiators5410255
  Pittsburgh Power70 San Antonio Talons174112
  Spokane Shock73 San Jose SaberCats627215
Saturday, April 5
  Jacksonville Sharks38 Arizona Rattlers638586
  Portland Thunder34 Los Angeles KISS4412045
Week 5
Thursday, April 10
  Philadelphia Soul69 Orlando Predators564756
Friday, April 11
  New Orleans VooDoo14 Pittsburgh Power565224
  Tampa Bay Storm41 Jacksonville Sharks608132
Saturday, April 12
  San Antonio Talons62 Iowa Barnstormers638763
  Portland Thunder27 Spokane Shock558652
  Cleveland Gladiators40 Los Angeles KISS3010570
  Arizona Rattlers57 San Jose SaberCats519123Web Rebroadcast
Week 6
Friday, April 18
  San Antonio Talons68 New Orleans VooDoo336097
  San Jose SaberCats38 Portland Thunder329075
Saturday, April 19
  Jacksonville Sharks41 Philadelphia Soul5412311
  Tampa Bay Storm65 Orlando Predators775434
  Los Angeles KISS12 Iowa Barnstormers319152
  Pittsburgh Power69 Arizona Rattlers738179
  Cleveland Gladiators52 Spokane Shock508752
Week 7
Saturday, April 26
  Portland Thunder69 Jacksonville Sharks628679
  Pittsburgh Power28 Cleveland Gladiators5511083
  Spokane Shock53 Tampa Bay Storm419448
  New Orleans VooDoo48 Orlando Predators635013
  San Antonio Talons59 Arizona Rattlers698567
  San Jose SaberCats48 Los Angeles KISS3210569
Sunday, April 27
  Iowa Barnstormers55 Philadelphia Soul6010062
Week 8
Saturday, May 3
  Philadelphia Soul57 Pittsburgh Power655321
  Arizona Rattlers70 Jacksonville Sharks619732
  Portland Thunder61 Tampa Bay Storm4210584
  Iowa Barnstormers62 San Antonio Talons527283
  Orlando Predators35 San Jose SaberCats708132
Sunday, May 4
  Spokane Shock70 Los Angeles KISS2110552
ByeNew Orleans   Cleveland   
Week 9
Friday, May 9
  Pittsburgh Power52 Spokane Shock418742
Saturday, May 10
  New Orleans VooDoo60 Philadelphia Soul796080
  Los Angeles KISS42 Cleveland Gladiators4510472
  Jacksonville Sharks68 Iowa Barnstormers487276
Sunday, May 11
  Arizona Rattlers61 Portland Thunder328863
ByeTampa Bay   Orlando   San Jose   San Antonio   
Week 10
Saturday, May 17
  Los Angeles KISS26 Pittsburgh Power507762
  Tampa Bay Storm34 Philadelphia Soul628058
  Orlando Predators59 Jacksonville Sharks509459
  New Orleans VooDoo62 San Antonio Talons446125
  Cleveland Gladiators63 Iowa Barnstormers467156
  Portland Thunder27 San Jose SaberCats648243
Sunday, May 18
  Spokane Shock38 Arizona Rattlers709437
Week 11
Thursday, May 22
  San Antonio Talons40 Portland Thunder556396
Friday, May 23
  Philadelphia Soul52 Cleveland Gladiators5410659
  San Jose SaberCats52 Spokane Shock348579
Saturday, May 24
  Jacksonville Sharks35 Tampa Bay Storm5612501
  Pittsburgh Power62 Orlando Predators615008
  Iowa Barnstormers51 New Orleans VooDoo416193
Sunday, May 25
  Arizona Rattlers70 Los Angeles KISS2511302
Week 12
Friday, May 30
  Tampa Bay Storm62 New Orleans VooDoo484853
  Portland Thunder48 Spokane Shock588535
Saturday, May 31
  Cleveland Gladiators34 Pittsburgh Power485348
  Orlando Predators48 Iowa Barnstormers587442
  San Jose SaberCats42 Arizona Rattlers5112094
Sunday, June 1
  San Antonio Talons40 Philadelphia Soul767811
ByeJacksonville   Los Angeles   
Week 13
Friday, June 6
  Arizona Rattlers70 Portland Thunder598292
Saturday, June 7
  Spokane Shock28 Jacksonville Sharks349401
  Philadelphia Soul49 Tampa Bay Storm5611062
  New Orleans VooDoo26 Pittsburgh Power655419
  Orlando Predators58 San Antonio Talons396237
  Iowa Barnstormers49 Cleveland Gladiators869857
  Los Angeles KISS35 San Jose SaberCats638637
Week 14
Thursday, June 12
  Jacksonville Sharks48 Orlando Predators584789
Saturday, June 14
  Pittsburgh Power57 Philadelphia Soul567804
  New Orleans VooDoo46 Cleveland Gladiators629404
  Arizona Rattlers70 San Antonio Talons345692
  Tampa Bay Storm62 Iowa Barnstormers56 (OT)8862
  Portland Thunder61 Los Angeles KISS6910980
  Spokane Shock37 San Jose SaberCats478263
Week 15
Friday, June 20
  Iowa Barnstormers27 Pittsburgh Power576657
  San Antonio Talons30 Spokane Shock708489
Saturday, June 21
  Cleveland Gladiators69 Philadelphia Soul688033
  Orlando Predators34 Tampa Bay Storm3511890
  Jacksonville Sharks54 New Orleans VooDoo135243
  Los Angeles KISS47 Arizona Rattlers8310750Web Rebroadcast
ByeSan Jose   Portland   
Week 16
Thursday, June 26
  New Orleans VooDoo56 Portland Thunder627969
Friday, June 27
  Tampa Bay Storm41 Cleveland Gladiators4810855
  Arizona Rattlers33 San Jose SaberCats627373
Saturday, June 28
  Pittsburgh Power64 Jacksonville Sharks489304
  Philadelphia Soul84 Iowa Barnstormers489551
  Spokane Shock64 Los Angeles KISS4610751
ByeOrlando   San Antonio   
Week 17
Saturday, July 5
  Portland Thunder40 Cleveland Gladiators619840
Sunday, July 6
  Jacksonville Sharks62 San Antonio Talons345212
  San Jose SaberCats75 Los Angeles KISS3410677
Monday, July 7
  Orlando Predators35 Philadelphia Soul427069
  Pittsburgh Power48 New Orleans VooDoo434966
ByeTampa Bay   Arizona   Iowa   Spokane   
Week 18
Friday, July 11
  Tampa Bay Storm43 San Jose SaberCats528645
Saturday, July 12
  Cleveland Gladiators50 San Antonio Talons47 (OT)8217
  Arizona Rattlers66 Spokane Shock739362
  Los Angeles KISS31 Portland Thunder448802
Monday, July 14
  Iowa Barnstormers33 Orlando Predators665036
  New Orleans VooDoo36 Jacksonville Sharks358960
ByePhiladelphia   Pittsburgh   
Week 19
Saturday, July 19
  Jacksonville Sharks20 Cleveland Gladiators6213064
  Orlando Predators70 New Orleans VooDoo64 (OT)5535
  Pittsburgh Power59 Iowa Barnstormers567557
  San Antonio Talons72 Los Angeles KISS6511059
Sunday, July 20
  San Jose SaberCats20 Philadelphia Soul4210471
  Portland Thunder55 Arizona Rattlers6513120
Monday, July 21
  Tampa Bay Storm52 Spokane Shock559479
Week 20
Saturday, July 26
  Philadelphia Soul34 Pittsburgh Power649549
  Arizona Rattlers50 Orlando Predators568550
  Los Angeles KISS36 Jacksonville Sharks5311084
  Cleveland Gladiators56 Tampa Bay Storm4914770
  San Antonio Talons38 New Orleans VooDoo35 (OT)6217
  San Jose SaberCats72 Iowa Barnstormers438051
  Spokane Shock45 Portland Thunder4012848
Playoffs Week 1
Saturday, August 2
  Philadelphia Soul37 Cleveland Gladiators3912684
  Spokane Shock28 San Jose SaberCats5511333
Sunday, August 3
  Pittsburgh Power48 Orlando Predators564889
  Portland Thunder48 Arizona Rattlers526753
Playoffs Week 2
Sunday, August 10
  Orlando Predators46 Cleveland Gladiators5614543
  San Jose SaberCats56 Arizona Rattlers728581
ArenaBowl XXVII
Saturday, August 23
  Arizona Rattlers72 Cleveland Gladiators3218410
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