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2013 Arena Football League Schedule
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Week 1
Saturday, March 23
  Utah Blaze64 Pittsburgh Power338390
  Jacksonville Sharks64 Tampa Bay Storm5512222
  Philadelphia Soul52 Arizona Rattlers668524
  Iowa Barnstormers63 Chicago Rush416026
  San Jose SaberCats47 San Antonio Talons428161
Sunday, March 24
  Spokane Shock67 Cleveland Gladiators417614
  Orlando Predators45 New Orleans VooDoo51 (OT)3564
 Smoothie King Center (New Orleans, LA)
Week 2
Friday, March 29
  Jacksonville Sharks61 Pittsburgh Power355342
  Arizona Rattlers77 Utah Blaze494829
  Orlando Predators62 San Jose SaberCats6511263
Saturday, March 30
  Iowa Barnstormers48 New Orleans VooDoo344751
 Smoothie King Center (New Orleans, LA)
  Cleveland Gladiators47 Tampa Bay Storm6910142
Sunday, March 31
  Spokane Shock76 Chicago Rush613108
ByePhiladelphia   San Antonio   
Week 3
Friday, April 5
  Spokane Shock66 Iowa Barnstormers437218
  Chicago Rush48 San Antonio Talons416018
Saturday, April 6
  Jacksonville Sharks66 Cleveland Gladiators498862
  Philadelphia Soul61 Orlando Predators3312248
  San Jose SaberCats47 Arizona Rattlers737156
  Tampa Bay Storm77 Utah Blaze656014
ByeNew Orleans   Pittsburgh   
Week 4
Friday, April 12
  San Antonio Talons52 Tampa Bay Storm3610126
  New Orleans VooDoo30 Jacksonville Sharks768330
  Arizona Rattlers49 Spokane Shock6610358
Saturday, April 13
  Philadelphia Soul54 Iowa Barnstormers437743
Sunday, April 14
  Pittsburgh Power14 Chicago Rush454187
ByeOrlando   San Jose   Utah   Cleveland   
Week 5
Friday, April 19
  Iowa Barnstormers34 Jacksonville Sharks408011
  Pittsburgh Power46 New Orleans VooDoo434286
 Smoothie King Center (New Orleans, LA)
  Spokane Shock69 San Jose SaberCats4710123
Saturday, April 20
  Tampa Bay Storm53 Orlando Predators3511969
  Cleveland Gladiators64 Philadelphia Soul57 (OT)12975
  San Antonio Talons40 Arizona Rattlers838323
  Chicago Rush59 Utah Blaze567141
Week 6
Friday, April 26
  Chicago Rush64 Iowa Barnstormers63 (OT)6854
Saturday, April 27
  Utah Blaze57 Cleveland Gladiators409234
  Jacksonville Sharks55 Philadelphia Soul538363
  San Jose SaberCats57 New Orleans VooDoo384357
  Tampa Bay Storm70 Spokane Shock629872
Sunday, April 28
  San Antonio Talons42 Pittsburgh Power376688
  Orlando Predators42 Arizona Rattlers828062
Week 7
Friday, May 3
  Iowa Barnstormers48 San Antonio Talons367803
Saturday, May 4
  Orlando Predators52 Pittsburgh Power384174
  Arizona Rattlers58 Jacksonville Sharks4811076
  Philadelphia Soul72 Chicago Rush414722
  New Orleans VooDoo32 Tampa Bay Storm6310114
  Spokane Shock48 Utah Blaze525784
  Cleveland Gladiators36 San Jose SaberCats568563
Week 8
Friday, May 10
  Tampa Bay Storm34 San Jose SaberCats648001
Saturday, May 11
  Chicago Rush50 Cleveland Gladiators537437
  Pittsburgh Power53 Philadelphia Soul488098
  New Orleans VooDoo16 Iowa Barnstormers627015
  Utah Blaze49 Arizona Rattlers6510216
  Jacksonville Sharks30 San Antonio Talons347869
  Orlando Predators83 Spokane Shock828730
Week 9
Friday, May 17
  New Orleans VooDoo54 Spokane Shock659317
Saturday, May 18
  Tampa Bay Storm62 Pittsburgh Power344625
  San Antonio Talons57 Cleveland Gladiators336919
  San Jose SaberCats57 Jacksonville Sharks368641
  Orlando Predators51 Philadelphia Soul619094
  Iowa Barnstormers34 Utah Blaze438139
Sunday, May 19
  Arizona Rattlers56 Chicago Rush494859
Week 10
Friday, May 24
  Spokane Shock61 San Antonio Talons487961
Saturday, May 25
  Cleveland Gladiators44 Pittsburgh Power555340
  Jacksonville Sharks44 Orlando Predators4111557
  Philadelphia Soul73 Tampa Bay Storm5511804
  Chicago Rush84 New Orleans VooDoo487349
  Iowa Barnstormers26 Arizona Rattlers708177
  Utah Blaze34 San Jose SaberCats358438
Week 11
Saturday, June 1
  Arizona Rattlers64 Philadelphia Soul577027
  Chicago Rush63 Orlando Predators5511374
  Pittsburgh Power48 Jacksonville Sharks708568
  Cleveland Gladiators40 New Orleans VooDoo694148
  Tampa Bay Storm65 Iowa Barnstormers626568
  San Jose SaberCats45 Spokane Shock759138
Monday, June 3
  Utah Blaze41 San Antonio Talons425894
Week 12
Friday, June 7
  Iowa Barnstormers37 Cleveland Gladiators337685
Saturday, June 8
  New Orleans VooDoo56 Philadelphia Soul658035
  Orlando Predators55 Tampa Bay Storm4814041
  Utah Blaze43 Chicago Rush673890
 BMO Harris Bank Center (Rockford, IL)
  Arizona Rattlers70 San Antonio Talons218047
  Jacksonville Sharks41 Spokane Shock768463
  Pittsburgh Power54 San Jose SaberCats688263
Week 13
Saturday, June 15
  Philadelphia Soul59 Pittsburgh Power216059
  Cleveland Gladiators55 Orlando Predators6211469
  Tampa Bay Storm51 New Orleans VooDoo544758
  San Antonio Talons61 Chicago Rush544016
 BMO Harris Bank Center (Rockford, IL)
  San Jose SaberCats68 Iowa Barnstormers739072
  Spokane Shock42 Arizona Rattlers5910654
  Jacksonville Sharks55 Utah Blaze625109
Week 14
Friday, June 21
  Utah Blaze41 Spokane Shock809965
Saturday, June 22
  Pittsburgh Power35 Orlando Predators5011356
  Cleveland Gladiators41 Jacksonville Sharks438708
  Iowa Barnstormers30 Philadelphia Soul548048
  Chicago Rush50 Tampa Bay Storm4911514
  San Antonio Talons56 New Orleans VooDoo534326
  Arizona Rattlers42 San Jose SaberCats729296
Week 15
Saturday, June 29
  New Orleans VooDoo59 Pittsburgh Power545036
  Philadelphia Soul66 Cleveland Gladiators577909
  Orlando Predators55 Jacksonville Sharks6210108
  San Antonio Talons35 Iowa Barnstormers347553
  San Jose SaberCats57 Utah Blaze496393
ByeTampa Bay   Arizona   Chicago   Spokane   
Week 16
Saturday, July 6
  Pittsburgh Power58 Cleveland Gladiators716857
  Chicago Rush26 Philadelphia Soul5810878
  Spokane Shock63 Tampa Bay Storm499934
  Arizona Rattlers84 Orlando Predators5611433
  New Orleans VooDoo63 Utah Blaze497171
  San Antonio Talons35 San Jose SaberCats628976
ByeJacksonville   Iowa   
Week 17
Friday, July 12
  Utah Blaze39 Philadelphia Soul699163
Saturday, July 13
  San Jose SaberCats78 Pittsburgh Power207134
  Iowa Barnstormers41 Orlando Predators5511784
  Spokane Shock62 Jacksonville Sharks409175
  Cleveland Gladiators32 Chicago Rush683838
 BMO Harris Bank Center (Rockford, IL)
  Tampa Bay Storm42 San Antonio Talons688576
  New Orleans VooDoo42 Arizona Rattlers799958
Week 18
Friday, July 19
  San Antonio Talons30 Spokane Shock778485
Saturday, July 20
  Jacksonville Sharks58 New Orleans VooDoo497183
  Orlando Predators62 Cleveland Gladiators658512
  Pittsburgh Power48 Tampa Bay Storm3716118
  Utah Blaze55 Iowa Barnstormers418262
  Chicago Rush63 Arizona Rattlers4211353
  Philadelphia Soul65 San Jose SaberCats439163
Week 19
Friday, July 26
  Pittsburgh Power43 Spokane Shock619341
Saturday, July 27
  New Orleans VooDoo42 Orlando Predators7113356
  Tampa Bay Storm44 Jacksonville Sharks5210409
  Arizona Rattlers84 Iowa Barnstormers457719
  Philadelphia Soul28 San Antonio Talons429112
  Cleveland Gladiators46 Utah Blaze487106
  Chicago Rush40 San Jose SaberCats658874
Playoffs Week 1
Thursday, August 1
  Chicago Rush47 Spokane Shock696916
Saturday, August 3
  Tampa Bay Storm62 Jacksonville Sharks697899
  Orlando Predators55 Philadelphia Soul599641
Sunday, August 4
  San Jose SaberCats49 Arizona Rattlers597932
Playoffs Week 2
Saturday, August 10
  Philadelphia Soul75 Jacksonville Sharks599161
  Spokane Shock57 Arizona Rattlers658275
ArenaBowl XXVI
Saturday, August 17
  Philadelphia Soul39 Arizona Rattlers4812039
 Amway Center (Orlando, FL)
All Star Games
Saturday, November 2
  Eastern Conference All Stars67 Western Conference All Stars63 
 Blaisdell Center (Honolulu, HI)
Sunday, November 10
  Western Conference All Stars52 Eastern Conference All Stars699800
 Capital Indoor Stadium (Beijing, CN)
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