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1994 Arena Football League Schedule
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Complete Schedule

Week 1
Friday, May 20
  Orlando Predators38 Arizona Rattlers2814568
Saturday, May 21
  Charlotte Rage44 Tampa Bay Storm3916150
  Cleveland Thunderbolts46 Albany Firebirds7012277
  Miami Hooters35 Las Vegas Sting2210109
Monday, May 23
  Milwaukee Mustangs28 Fort Worth Cavalry652852Web Rebroadcast
Week 2
Thursday, May 26
  Massachusetts Marauders31 Las Vegas Sting305038
Friday, May 27
  Charlotte Rage23 Miami Hooters457600
  Orlando Predators58 Milwaukee Mustangs2414087
Saturday, May 28
  Cleveland Thunderbolts40 Arizona Rattlers6414892
  Tampa Bay Storm45 Albany Firebirds7111882
Monday, May 30
  Massachusetts Marauders38 Fort Worth Cavalry283360
Week 3
Friday, June 3
  Albany Firebirds42 Miami Hooters237100
  Las Vegas Sting9 Orlando Predators3813995
Saturday, June 4
  Arizona Rattlers41 Cleveland Thunderbolts335122
  Fort Worth Cavalry45 Tampa Bay Storm5814995
  Milwaukee Mustangs10 Charlotte Rage5111800
Week 4
Friday, June 10
  Fort Worth Cavalry54 Charlotte Rage309631
  Las Vegas Sting32 Milwaukee Mustangs2412155
  Miami Hooters21 Orlando Predators5313995
Saturday, June 11
  Massachusetts Marauders35 Arizona Rattlers3714477
  Tampa Bay Storm40 Cleveland Thunderbolts334127
Week 5
Friday, June 17
  Orlando Predators48 Massachusetts Marauders447261
Saturday, June 18
  Charlotte Rage52 Arizona Rattlers5915311
  Cleveland Thunderbolts22 Las Vegas Sting263962
Monday, June 20
  Albany Firebirds45 Fort Worth Cavalry413541
  Milwaukee Mustangs27 Miami Hooters357414
ByeTampa Bay   
Week 6
Friday, June 24
  Fort Worth Cavalry50 Milwaukee Mustangs4413703
  Massachusetts Marauders55 Charlotte Rage379167
Saturday, June 25
  Las Vegas Sting20 Cleveland Thunderbolts468322
  Miami Hooters32 Tampa Bay Storm4719031
  Orlando Predators63 Albany Firebirds4813652
Week 7
Thursday, June 30
  Massachusetts Marauders57 Cleveland Thunderbolts485523
Friday, July 1
  Albany Firebirds50 Milwaukee Mustangs2715055
  Tampa Bay Storm40 Orlando Predators6114015
Saturday, July 2
  Arizona Rattlers50 Las Vegas Sting75018Web Rebroadcast
Monday, July 4
  Charlotte Rage20 Fort Worth Cavalry429631
Week 8
Friday, July 8
  Cleveland Thunderbolts23 Charlotte Rage438898
  Las Vegas Sting45 Massachusetts Marauders635907
Saturday, July 9
  Fort Worth Cavalry64 Albany Firebirds65 (OT)11201
  Milwaukee Mustangs35 Tampa Bay Storm6920266
  Miami Hooters26 Arizona Rattlers4115505Web Rebroadcast
Week 9
Friday, July 15
  Arizona Rattlers52 Miami Hooters668312
  Charlotte Rage14 Orlando Predators6814015
Saturday, July 16
  Albany Firebirds62 Cleveland Thunderbolts405244
  Milwaukee Mustangs51 Massachusetts Marauders587223
Monday, July 18
  Tampa Bay Storm53 Fort Worth Cavalry433103
ByeLas Vegas   
Week 10
Friday, July 22
  Cleveland Thunderbolts42 Milwaukee Mustangs4115169Web Rebroadcast
Saturday, July 23
  Arizona Rattlers33 Albany Firebirds3913153
  Massachusetts Marauders50 Tampa Bay Storm5118007
  Fort Worth Cavalry37 Las Vegas Sting475414
  Orlando Predators42 Miami Hooters2012478Web Rebroadcast
Week 11
Friday, July 29
  Cleveland Thunderbolts32 Orlando Predators4114067
  Las Vegas Sting35 Fort Worth Cavalry327021
  Miami Hooters25 Charlotte Rage4410897
Saturday, July 30
  Albany Firebirds43 Massachusetts Marauders628335
  Tampa Bay Storm21 Arizona Rattlers4815505
Week 12
Friday, August 5
  Fort Worth Cavalry58 Miami Hooters278872
  Charlotte Rage56 Massachusetts Marauders498646Web Rebroadcast
Saturday, August 6
  Arizona Rattlers21 Orlando Predators4614015
  Milwaukee Mustangs35 Albany Firebirds5511941
  Tampa Bay Storm58 Las Vegas Sting638941
Week 13
Friday, August 12
  Las Vegas Sting46 Arizona Rattlers5115102
  Albany Firebirds52 Charlotte Rage289460Web Rebroadcast
  Massachusetts Marauders44 Milwaukee Mustangs3015220
Saturday, August 13
  Miami Hooters43 Cleveland Thunderbolts405822
  Orlando Predators39 Tampa Bay Storm4020819
ByeFort Worth   
Playoffs Week 1
Friday, August 19
  Fort Worth Cavalry14 Orlando Predators3414047
Saturday, August 20
  Charlotte Rage24 Arizona Rattlers5212178
  Las Vegas Sting30 Albany Firebirds4911713
  Tampa Bay Storm51 Massachusetts Marauders586858
Playoffs Week 2
Friday, August 26
  Massachusetts Marauders42 Orlando Predators5114047
Saturday, August 27
  Arizona Rattlers40 Albany Firebirds3311762
ArenaBowl VIII
Friday, September 2
  Arizona Rattlers36 Orlando Predators3114368Web Rebroadcast
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