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1988 Arena Football League Schedule
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Week 1
Thursday, April 28
  Pittsburgh Gladiators57 Detroit Drive5116752
Friday, April 29
  Chicago Bruisers60 New England Steamrollers358374
Saturday, April 30
  New York Knights60 Los Angeles Cobras5210157Web Rebroadcast
Week 2
Friday, May 6
  Los Angeles Cobras35 Chicago Bruisers468123Web Rebroadcast
Saturday, May 7
  New England Steamrollers26 Pittsburgh Gladiators828212
Monday, May 9
  Detroit Drive54 New York Knights4813667
Week 3
Friday, May 13
  Detroit Drive29 New England Steamrollers245842
Saturday, May 14
  New York Knights7 Chicago Bruisers305427
  Los Angeles Cobras43 Pittsburgh Gladiators6110137Web Rebroadcast
Week 4
Thursday, May 19
  Chicago Bruisers35 Detroit Drive2915782
Saturday, May 21
  New York Knights13 New England Steamrollers246812
  Pittsburgh Gladiators32 Los Angeles Cobras666236
Week 5
Thursday, May 26
  New England Steamrollers20 Los Angeles Cobras275278
Friday, May 27
  Detroit Drive31 Chicago Bruisers367825
  New York Knights36 Pittsburgh Gladiators467577
Week 6
Thursday, June 2
  Pittsburgh Gladiators25 Detroit Drive3011046
Friday, June 3
  Chicago Bruisers30 New England Steamrollers215112
Monday, June 6
  Los Angeles Cobras36 New York Knights226558
Week 7
Friday, June 10
  Los Angeles Cobras26 Detroit Drive3912831Web Rebroadcast
Saturday, June 11
  Pittsburgh Gladiators45 New England Steamrollers392171
Monday, June 13
  Chicago Bruisers64 New York Knights346037
Week 8
Thursday, June 16
  Detroit Drive38 Los Angeles Cobras146861
Saturday, June 18
  New England Steamrollers33 New York Knights286516
Monday, June 20
  Pittsburgh Gladiators25 Chicago Bruisers468811
Week 9
Thursday, June 23
  Detroit Drive49 New York Knights96303
Friday, June 24
  Chicago Bruisers54 Pittsburgh Gladiators478234Web Rebroadcast
Saturday, June 25
  Los Angeles Cobras49 New England Steamrollers345933
Week 10
Friday, July 1
  Detroit Drive28 Pittsburgh Gladiators96115
  New England Steamrollers25 Chicago Bruisers687972
Saturday, July 2
  New York Knights40 Los Angeles Cobras306248
Week 11
Saturday, July 9
  Los Angeles Cobras48 Chicago Bruisers209868
  New England Steamrollers10 Detroit Drive4614731
Monday, July 11
  Pittsburgh Gladiators44 New York Knights287484
Week 12
Thursday, July 14
  Chicago Bruisers37 Los Angeles Cobras37 (OT)10263
Friday, July 15
  New York Knights17 Detroit Drive4813431
Saturday, July 16
  New England Steamrollers44 Pittsburgh Gladiators347730Web Rebroadcast
Playoffs Week 1
Friday, July 22
  Pittsburgh Gladiators25 Detroit Drive3415135
Saturday, July 23
  Los Angeles Cobras16 Chicago Bruisers298119
ArenaBowl II
Saturday, July 30
  Detroit Drive24 Chicago Bruisers1315018
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