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2007 Arena Football League Schedule
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Complete Schedule

Week 1
Thursday, March 1
  Columbus Destroyers58 Nashville Kats568843
Friday, March 2
  Orlando Predators52 Tampa Bay Storm2715619
Saturday, March 3
  Georgia Force69 Arizona Rattlers6510345
  New Orleans VooDoo61 Utah Blaze6314222
Sunday, March 4
  Chicago Rush41 Kansas City Brigade5413635
  Dallas Desperados60 New York Dragons713783
  Grand Rapids Rampage44 Colorado Crush4214950
  Las Vegas Gladiators36 Austin Wranglers5710422
  San Jose SaberCats66 Los Angeles Avengers5812586
Week 2
Thursday, March 8
  Las Vegas Gladiators79 Grand Rapids Rampage696232
Friday, March 9
  Philadelphia Soul63 Nashville Kats307885
  Columbus Destroyers45 New Orleans VooDoo5217001
  San Jose SaberCats45 Chicago Rush4816201
Saturday, March 10
  Tampa Bay Storm40 Dallas Desperados5913805
  Utah Blaze75 Arizona Rattlers719594
  Kansas City Brigade40 Colorado Crush4415126
Sunday, March 11
  Austin Wranglers51 Georgia Force6011413
Monday, March 12
  Los Angeles Avengers44 Orlando Predators37 (OT)12787
ByeNew York   
Week 3
Thursday, March 15
  Philadelphia Soul69 Grand Rapids Rampage404917
Friday, March 16
  Austin Wranglers30 Orlando Predators4512794
  Dallas Desperados66 Kansas City Brigade5410007
  Arizona Rattlers54 Colorado Crush5612376
Saturday, March 17
  Georgia Force61 Tampa Bay Storm4713664
Sunday, March 18
  New York Dragons40 Chicago Rush6116128
  Utah Blaze55 Nashville Kats697108
  New Orleans VooDoo59 Las Vegas Gladiators316593
ByeSan Jose   Los Angeles   Columbus   
Week 4
Thursday, March 22
  Colorado Crush47 Philadelphia Soul7114721
Friday, March 23
  New York Dragons59 Tampa Bay Storm5213134
  Grand Rapids Rampage42 Utah Blaze8312684
  Las Vegas Gladiators41 Arizona Rattlers689630
Saturday, March 24
  San Jose SaberCats62 Georgia Force6411828
  Chicago Rush55 Columbus Destroyers4716390
  Los Angeles Avengers48 New Orleans VooDoo3616668
  Nashville Kats70 Austin Wranglers6311869
Monday, March 26
  Dallas Desperados70 Orlando Predators4912525
ByeKansas City   
Week 5
Friday, March 30
  Georgia Force61 Columbus Destroyers6212103
  Arizona Rattlers61 Kansas City Brigade62 (OT)8512
Saturday, March 31
  Orlando Predators45 New Orleans VooDoo4816213
  Austin Wranglers64 Dallas Desperados6814112
  Tampa Bay Storm49 San Jose SaberCats6913916
Sunday, April 1
  Philadelphia Soul65 New York Dragons608729
  Los Angeles Avengers31 Chicago Rush6615846
  Nashville Kats48 Colorado Crush5513623
  Utah Blaze57 Las Vegas Gladiators475416
ByeGrand Rapids   
Week 6
Thursday, April 5
  Columbus Destroyers51 Dallas Desperados5311203
Friday, April 6
  Utah Blaze64 Austin Wranglers659223
  Arizona Rattlers45 Los Angeles Avengers6412972
  Colorado Crush44 San Jose SaberCats7212291
Saturday, April 7
  New York Dragons53 Grand Rapids Rampage666852
  New Orleans VooDoo43 Tampa Bay Storm6616644
  Chicago Rush66 Nashville Kats547332
Sunday, April 8
  Kansas City Brigade65 Las Vegas Gladiators314838
Monday, April 9
  Georgia Force57 Philadelphia Soul4914583
Week 7
Friday, April 13
  San Jose SaberCats54 New Orleans VooDoo6716721
  Los Angeles Avengers63 Utah Blaze7613497
Saturday, April 14
  Austin Wranglers49 Columbus Destroyers7215121
  Tampa Bay Storm37 Orlando Predators6115303
  Grand Rapids Rampage41 Kansas City Brigade5211288
  Nashville Kats62 Arizona Rattlers3610055
Sunday, April 15
  Colorado Crush49 New York Dragons488241
  Las Vegas Gladiators68 Georgia Force6911123
Monday, April 16
  Philadelphia Soul41 Dallas Desperados5110814
Week 8
Friday, April 20
  New York Dragons47 Orlando Predators5213755
  Arizona Rattlers83 Utah Blaze6915313
  Las Vegas Gladiators53 Colorado Crush6316723
Saturday, April 21
  Chicago Rush75 Grand Rapids Rampage5410622
  Dallas Desperados63 Georgia Force7812915
  Kansas City Brigade40 Nashville Kats498143
  New Orleans VooDoo38 Austin Wranglers45 (OT)13405
  Los Angeles Avengers49 San Jose SaberCats7312984
Monday, April 23
  Philadelphia Soul21 Columbus Destroyers4414664
ByeTampa Bay   
Week 9
Friday, April 27
  Colorado Crush45 Kansas City Brigade4211246
  Georgia Force72 New Orleans VooDoo5716423
  Nashville Kats62 Dallas Desperados6911486
Saturday, April 28
  Arizona Rattlers45 New York Dragons679658
  Grand Rapids Rampage71 Los Angeles Avengers7515088
  Utah Blaze48 San Jose SaberCats6912967
Sunday, April 29
  Columbus Destroyers32 Tampa Bay Storm3415303
  Orlando Predators69 Las Vegas Gladiators345684
Monday, April 30
  Philadelphia Soul43 Chicago Rush5414529
Week 10
Friday, May 4
  New York Dragons42 Columbus Destroyers5114009
  Orlando Predators34 Georgia Force5511123
  Dallas Desperados66 Utah Blaze5913734
Saturday, May 5
  Nashville Kats55 Grand Rapids Rampage717679
  Kansas City Brigade53 Philadelphia Soul4117493
  San Jose SaberCats56 Arizona Rattlers4910017
Sunday, May 6
  Tampa Bay Storm66 Austin Wranglers4513110
  Los Angeles Avengers59 Las Vegas Gladiators375698
Monday, May 7
  Colorado Crush48 Chicago Rush5914528
ByeNew Orleans   
Week 11
Friday, May 11
  Grand Rapids Rampage56 Columbus Destroyers5912014
  New Orleans VooDoo33 Orlando Predators4213505
  Colorado Crush57 Nashville Kats357029
Saturday, May 12
  Utah Blaze41 Kansas City Brigade6013655
  Austin Wranglers41 Arizona Rattlers539321
  Tampa Bay Storm40 Los Angeles Avengers3712439
  Las Vegas Gladiators34 San Jose SaberCats6113654
Monday, May 14
  New York Dragons69 Philadelphia Soul4914104
  Chicago Rush48 Dallas Desperados5212518
Week 12
Friday, May 18
  Arizona Rattlers50 Tampa Bay Storm5916044
  Las Vegas Gladiators54 Utah Blaze5314305
  Columbus Destroyers40 Colorado Crush5815326
Saturday, May 19
  Nashville Kats44 Chicago Rush2716142
  Georgia Force51 Los Angeles Avengers5713922
  Grand Rapids Rampage44 San Jose SaberCats6912784
Sunday, May 20
  Kansas City Brigade56 New York Dragons628798
  Orlando Predators46 Austin Wranglers4513428
Monday, May 21
  New Orleans VooDoo34 Philadelphia Soul7815054
Week 13
Friday, May 25
  Utah Blaze65 Orlando Predators6213355
  San Jose SaberCats48 Nashville Kats348034
Saturday, May 26
  Los Angeles Avengers56 Kansas City Brigade6213213
  Colorado Crush56 Grand Rapids Rampage584901
  Tampa Bay Storm38 Georgia Force5210749
  Dallas Desperados56 Columbus Destroyers4714251
  Chicago Rush53 Arizona Rattlers479663
Sunday, May 27
  Philadelphia Soul76 Austin Wranglers6612969
Monday, May 28
  New York Dragons69 New Orleans VooDoo6316839
ByeLas Vegas   
Week 14
Friday, June 1
  Dallas Desperados59 Philadelphia Soul5615853
  Orlando Predators52 San Jose SaberCats5912893
Saturday, June 2
  Austin Wranglers82 New York Dragons548391
  Kansas City Brigade66 Grand Rapids Rampage535074
  Columbus Destroyers33 Georgia Force5410681
  Tampa Bay Storm61 New Orleans VooDoo5516821
  Chicago Rush47 Los Angeles Avengers5013142
Sunday, June 3
  Arizona Rattlers41 Las Vegas Gladiators204736
Monday, June 4
  Colorado Crush14 Utah Blaze5115223
Week 15
Friday, June 8
  Kansas City Brigade47 Columbus Destroyers3413803
Saturday, June 9
  Orlando Predators75 New York Dragons548635
  Philadelphia Soul59 Tampa Bay Storm6917654
  Grand Rapids Rampage32 Chicago Rush5515113
  Georgia Force81 Austin Wranglers6414408
  New Orleans VooDoo79 Dallas Desperados8014411
  San Jose SaberCats70 Utah Blaze4915336
Sunday, June 10
  Nashville Kats63 Las Vegas Gladiators485072
Monday, June 11
  Los Angeles Avengers55 Arizona Rattlers5211994
Week 16
Friday, June 15
  Georgia Force55 Orlando Predators4414990
Saturday, June 16
  Tampa Bay Storm69 Grand Rapids Rampage406115
  Columbus Destroyers53 Philadelphia Soul5617284
  Nashville Kats63 Kansas City Brigade6613596
  New York Dragons13 Dallas Desperados6715689
  Arizona Rattlers26 San Jose SaberCats6614736
Sunday, June 17
  Las Vegas Gladiators42 Los Angeles Avengers6012482
  Austin Wranglers61 New Orleans VooDoo6616476
Monday, June 18
  Chicago Rush66 Colorado Crush5714175
Week 17
Thursday, June 21
  Orlando Predators49 Philadelphia Soul6317643
Saturday, June 23
  Columbus Destroyers74 New York Dragons439281
  Austin Wranglers51 Tampa Bay Storm5518244
  Grand Rapids Rampage54 Nashville Kats579320
  Kansas City Brigade21 Chicago Rush4816391
  Utah Blaze47 Los Angeles Avengers3713323
Sunday, June 24
  New Orleans VooDoo42 Georgia Force6811123
Monday, June 25
  San Jose SaberCats73 Las Vegas Gladiators465027
  Dallas Desperados77 Colorado Crush5818093
Playoffs Week 1
Friday, June 29
  Orlando Predators26 Philadelphia Soul418013
Saturday, June 30
  Columbus Destroyers56 Tampa Bay Storm5510221
  Colorado Crush49 Kansas City Brigade429539
Monday, July 2
  Utah Blaze42 Los Angeles Avengers6413066
Playoffs Week 2
Saturday, July 7
  Colorado Crush67 San Jose SaberCats7612719
  Columbus Destroyers66 Dallas Desperados5915572
Sunday, July 8
  Philadelphia Soul39 Georgia Force6511225
Monday, July 9
  Los Angeles Avengers20 Chicago Rush5212869
Playoffs Week 3
Saturday, July 14
  Columbus Destroyers66 Georgia Force5612714
  Chicago Rush49 San Jose SaberCats6112842
ArenaBowl XXI
Sunday, July 29
  Columbus Destroyers33 San Jose SaberCats5517056
 Smoothie King Center (New Orleans, LA)
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