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Darren Arbet

Born: 1967-07-06
Hometown: Stockton, CA
Player Statistics
Coaching Record
 Regular SeasonPlayoffsTotal
1999San Jose SaberCats680--680
2000*San Jose SaberCats1220111330
2001San Jose SaberCats1040111150
2002*San Jose SaberCats1310301610
2003San Jose SaberCats1240111350
2004San Jose SaberCats1150301450
2005San Jose SaberCats97001980
2006San Jose SaberCats1060111170
2007San Jose SaberCats1330301630
2008San Jose SaberCats1150211360
2011San Jose SaberCats7110--7110
2012San Jose SaberCats1260011270
2013San Jose SaberCats1350011360
2014San Jose SaberCats1350111460
2015San Jose SaberCats1710302010
Career Total169730199188820
* - Won coach of the year
Home vs. Away
1999San Jose SaberCats430250000
2000*San Jose SaberCats720610000
2001San Jose SaberCats710340100
2002*San Jose SaberCats1000610000
2003San Jose SaberCats820530000
2004San Jose SaberCats910540000
2005San Jose SaberCats620360000
2006San Jose SaberCats730440000
2007San Jose SaberCats1000530100
2008San Jose SaberCats820530010
2011San Jose SaberCats630180000
2012San Jose SaberCats810460000
2013San Jose SaberCats820540000
2014San Jose SaberCats820640000
2015San Jose SaberCats1110900000
Career Total11725069560210
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Awards won by Darren Arbet
2011 TBA Team Hall of Fame
2002 San Jose SaberCats Head Coach of the Year
2000 San Jose SaberCats Head Coach of the Year